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Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Who is not familiar with this software? Perhaps for those of you who do not know, I'll give a little review about this software.

CCleaner is a software (software) which is one of the Piriform products. This software has the primary function of cleaning the junk on the computer and fix the registry to its conclusion. In addition there are additional features of the tools that might be useful.

Junk Cleaner
True history, browser cache and cookies left after we surf the internet and logging on to certain sites is not a waste, but to simplify and speed up access when we want to reopen the sites you have visited. But sometimes history, cache and cookies left behind it a trail that can be tracked by others who use the same computer to find the username and password from your account at a particular site. Therefore, the removal of trash like this can sometimes be very important. But do not worry, you can arrange anything you think is junk and delete it and do you not litter and do not need to be removed.

Fixing Registry
Registry can be described as the heart of your Windows operating system, so the remains of garbage registry of applications that have been removed (to uninstall) sometimes remains on the registry and if left unchecked will interrupt the performance of your computer system, and potentially slow. This registry cleanup needs to be done periodically.

Additional Tools
Besides these two main features on CCleaner also has features such tambahas Uninstall Tool to remove (uninstall) the application is not desirable. Managing a system restore to a restore point and delete the unwanted. There is also a feature that requires caution before using it, the Wiper Drive. This tool is useful for removing freespace (blank space) on a hard drive or even delete the entire contents of the hard drive. There is one more feature that is Startup Manager, it serves to set the program you want to run the first time the computer starts and removes unwanted, so as not to burden the startup process can be fairly heavy.

CCleaner is a lightweight software that can be fairly complete for mengoptmalkan your computer system, which is also supported with additional features which are quite useful. And best of all is this free software (freeware), but you can make a donation for this software via the official website at http://www.piriform.com/  .

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