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Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Paint.Net is a sample of free image editor that have professional like image editor. It’s inofative interface with complete features have it’s value for this freeware software.

Main Features :
If you often use professional imagge editor, like Adobe Photoshop you must have been know this name. Layer is a panel that have function to organize depth of each object in canvas (area editing in Paint.NET). This feature is very useful, so each image or object drawn will not overlap object behind it.

Special Effect
Even more surprising than this image editor is a rich assortment of effects such as blur, distort, noise and render. Which is a feature I faforit effect to convert images to be like a pencil sketch, ink sketches and paintings. For a free image editor, this feature can be spelled out very cool.

The availability of this standard tool available in any image editor software is required, including in Paint.NET. Tools that are available include Select to select some or all areas of the image, Text to insert text in the image, zoom to enlarge or reduce the image on the screen and so on.

Unlimited History
Each editor would ever make a mistake while editing the image or change their mind and want to restore the image to the previous condition. Paint.NET has this feature as it’s one of the mainstay for most other image editors to limit the amount of history, so the cancellation is only possible to some extent, not like this software that gives unlimited flexibility in editing the cancellation problem. But of course the limits of history relies on the free space on your hard drive.
Automatic Update
To update this software, you do not need to check it manually by visiting the site, because when you connect to the internet the software will automatically check if there is already the newest version. If there is a new version of this software then you will receive notification and suggest to download the update of this software.

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