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Sabtu, 16 Juli 2011

Memory Booster Gold is accommodated to deal with problems of memory management. It is a feature-rich yet easy-to-use program. Whether you want to improve your PC's performance or cleanse fragmentations collected in your system, it must be the tool of choice. Memory is a precious resource for computer, when it becomes low, the computer will slow down severely or crash often.

Memory Booster Gold is a useful utility to monitor and manage system memory. And it decreases load time and improves application performance.

Main feature :

  • Improve system response time.
  • Reclaim lost memory for programs.
  • Monitor and optimize system without interrupting your work.
  • Show current amount of memory occupied by all running processes.
  • Specify desired memory amount to release or reclaim.
  • Display how much memory you have in real time.
  • Terminate threatening processes and programs or release memory occupied by listed processes.
  • Add the process you want to clean up or compress into the Black List.
  • Add the process you do not want to clean up or compress into the White List.
  • Automatically compress or release memory when free memory falls below specified value.
  • Analyze and recognize the frequently used applications.

  •  Download Memory Booster Gold Full Serial

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